Wellness: Hydration Hack

Five glasses filling up with water
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How much pure water do you drink? If you are a woman aged 19-70, you need about 74 oz of water a day. This is an average and varies on individual need.

I came up with a little hack for myself to self-monitor my water intake. I practiced it consistently the first half of 2022, and then abandoned it at some point. I’ve noticed that I’m always thirsty lately, so I’m trying to implement it again.

I have 6 hairbands that I wrapped individually in washi tape. I wear them around my wrist throughout the day, and whenever I drink a full water bottle, I take one of the hairbands and put it on the water bottle. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

You can put your own spin on this strategy. If you have 8 million carabineers lying around (that you can’t actually climb with), you can put those in your pocket or attach them to your belt. Click them onto your water bottle whenever you finish drinking one. You can also just use different colored hairbands, like these.

One day I’ll make myself some fancy bands or charms to brighten my water drinking habit, but this works for now.

A few really cool facts about water:

  • It moistens oxygen for better breathing.
  • It cushions joints.
  • It filters out toxins.
  • It transports nutrients to cells more efficiently.
  • It prevents tissues from sticking.
  • It is the most important nutrient.

*Make sure you sip, don’t gulp. You want a continual intake to allow water to do its job. Sipping also limits bathroom visits!