Nutrition Tips

Should I Go Gluten and Dairy Free?

Should I Go Gluten/Dairy Free? You want to make a change in your health. You might have digestive issues, weight gain, low energy, belly fat or all of the above. You hear from friends or other media outlets that a gluten free dairy free (GF DF) diet really helps with the above symptoms, and you […]

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Immune Tonic for Kids

With three kids in the house, my family has had their share of illness within the last few months. I feel like a big part of that is stress, allergies, and constant exposure to germs at school. Children’s systems can get overwhelmed with everything that swirls around them day in and day out, especially if […]

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Foods You Should Eat NOW to Support Gut Health

Why the gut is so important. About 80% of our immunity lies in our gut, making its integrity a huge precursor to so many happenings in the body! For example, gut health has a major impact on the body’s cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. If you want to change your health and you’re not […]

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Nutrition Confusion Idea

What Should I Eat?

Before I get into the meat of this, let me just first say that I don’t like telling anyone what to eat. It negates our free will over our own food choices. Nevertheless, I get this question all the time. But, listen up, People: Good nutrition is a lifestyle. A journey. Everyone’s destination is different. […]

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Two feet standing on a scale with the word "STOP" written on a sticky note over the number reading

Stop Listening to the Scale

The scale tells us a story. It’s a long, boring story. Not about who you are, but about what your number on the scale is. Day one you are number x. Day two you are number y. And then…you are number x again. It’s a narrative that hovers over you like a dark cloud. I […]

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A person's palm extends outwards towards ingredients sitting on a table

The Problem with Elimination Dieting

“I cut out meat and I feel so much better.” “I cut out gluten and I feel so much better.” “I cut out dairy and I feel so much better.” There is nothing wrong with eliminating something that does not make you feel good, and YOU know your body the best. However, it also helps […]

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Eco friendly kitchen, zero waste home concept

Pantry Cleanout 101

1. Use it or lose it: Plan on consuming any expired items within a week or two. It can be difficult to figure out “Best by” and “Sell by” dates, and what they mean. “Best by” dates are guidelines for the store, and “sell by” dates are for you, the consumer. Keep in mind that […]

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