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Sleep does not come too easily for me these days. It never has; I’ve always been a poor sleeper. The adaptations I need for sleep are endless: a weighted blanket, earplugs, warm bath, no screens or artificial light exposure before bed–I have a special red light in my bedside table lamp– and an eye mask.

And I used to love tea before bed but NOPE–I had to put an end to that as well because the need to use the bathroom will eventually come at 2:30 in the morning. Then I’m in trouble.

After my yearly checkup last month, the doctor insisted that I come back to her for some sleep meds if I couldn’t get into a healthy, consistent sleep schedule in the next few months. Maybe that solution would work for me; maybe it wouldn’t. I’m willing to try a few more things before I go that route.

During my insomnia one night, I concocted a sleep shot. It is a “shot” because it has a minimal amount of liquid and is chockfull of adaptogenic herbs that will help you calm down and sleep. If you want to make it part of your routine, It is worth an investment in some herbs. In the end it will be far cheaper than buying an rebranded adaptogen elixir at a health food store.

The adaptogens like ashwagandha and reishi will not only help calm your mind, it will support your body’s energy as a whole, helping you maintain your sleep/wake cycle.

Some of the superstars in the Sleep Shot are:

Ashwagandha – is a root it is used to restore vitality, treat nervous exhaustion, and reduce anxiety.

Reishi Mushroom – In Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi was typically used to support the body’s vital energy. The mushroom was also used for it’s gentle calming and building properties.

Carob powder – a great substitute for cocoa powder! This tastes like chocolate but is caffeine free.

Collagen powder – collagen has a host of amino acids which will help your body absorb protein.

Honey – Honey does help with sleep! Apparently there are properties in honey that help you sleep. I’m skeptical, but it sweetens the drink, which gives it that hot cocoa taste.

Magnesium Calm (any flavor) – Magnesium calm is a great sleep aid on it’s own. Along with magnesium, it contains other minerals that help calm the nervous system.

I also experimented with maca, which is another herb that supports the body’s energy. Maca was too powerful for me, so I just add it to my coffee in the morning. 😉

Sleep Shot

4 oz oatmilk

1 t ashwagandha

1 t reishi mushroom powder

1 T carob powder

1 T collagen powder

Honey to taste

1/4 – 1 t Magnesium Calm

Heat milk in frother or in saucepan on medium. Mix the herbs together and make a paste with 1 T water. When milk is hot and not scalding, gradually pour the milk into the cup with the herb paste. Mix thoroughly. Add the magnesium and honey. Enjoy.

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