Recipes: Simply Sweet Potatoes

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A handful of years ago, when my kids were teeny, I was relying heavily on the Paleo diet. In this current season of my life, the Paleo diet doesn’t fit. However, at the time, I was in awe of how my diet was making such a positive change in my life. This new way of eating had also decreased the digestive distress my daughter had after nursing. This alone was enough for me to continue eating the Paleo way.

Nevertheless, the chore of chopping vegetables was a big one; I was nursing and eating constantly. My husband had a demanding job, and my kids were very little. I didn’t want to cut corners nutritionally, but I was desperate in every aspect of my life to save time.

Sweet potatoes were—and still are—a staple in my diet. They go with every dish, are easy to digest, and are yummy in every form. I considered throwing them in a crock pot one day, but as an amateur cook, didn’t know if it was a thing. An internet search of “cooking sweet potatoes in the crock pot” confirmed my curiosity.

It seems like sweet potatoes should not belong in the vegetable category. For me, when someone says the word “vegetables,” it makes my mouth water. I’m assuming this word doesn’t elicit the same response for most people.

Sweet potatoes are different. Roasting them whole is such a reward. Their syrup oozes out of their pores in response to the pressure of heat. Just like a tree’s bark, their skin remains protective but allows a peek of the sweetness inside.

Peeled, chopped, and roasted, sweet potatoes can be transformed into a sweet nugget that has the qualities of every satisfying texture; a unique quality that a baked good could never replicate.
My kids will tolerate sweet potatoes that are peeled and roasted in a good fat, like ghee or avocado oil. My husband is a monger around them. When they sit in their post-baked glory on the stove, he can’t help but pick at them until they’re more than half gone. My family hasn’t yet appreciated sweet potatoes in their whole form, and that’s okay right now. We’re all on our own journeys with food, and everyone is entitled to fulfill their senses in their own way.

These past two weeks have been hectic in the my household. When life is like this, making healthy meals is a struggle. A few days ago, I took a look at some sad sweet potatoes sitting in my pantry and decided to save them from their impending doom of mold and compost. It wasn’t a gallant effort. I deserve no credit for simply nestling them in my old, reliable crock pot, tucking them in, and letting the heat do its work.

But oh the benefit. All I had to do was pick them up and store them in the refrigerator for later use. They made a great base to my Lemon Turmeric Beef Stew. Just slice them and let the skin lay there, or peel them when they’re cold before you heat them up. They also served as a great companion for some leftover Indian food. Channa masala, tikka masala, and a hot sweet potato for lunch.
What could be better than that?

If you go this route, you can ensure that you are eating a cup of vegetables for at least one meal, because these sweet potatoes are substantial in size. You can also ensure you’re getting fiber and beta carotene, among other nutrients. They are a GREAT substitute for rice or bread in any dish if you’re trying to stay away.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. Don’t let this deter you from all of their gifts! Even through there is no true essential carbohydrate—meaning we can make glucose in the body—women strongly benefit from consuming high-quality carbohydrates, like vegetables.

Simply Sweet Potatoes


5 large sweet potatoes, or however many your slow cooker will hold.


Place sweet potatoes in slow cooker, put lid on. Cook on low for 8 hours. Enjoy.