Nutrition: Immune Tonic for Kids

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With three kids in the house, my family has had their share of illness within the last few months. I feel like a big part of that is stress, allergies, and constant exposure to germs at school. Children’s systems can get overwhelmed with everything that swirls around them day in and day out, especially if they are sensitive.

When you are stressed and are desperately trying to keep everyone healthy, it’s difficult to know what to do for your little ones. Let this tonic be your anchor. This is medication-free and gives them the vitamins they need to support their immune system.

Green tea is the catalyst ingredient in this tonic, and it is hidden well in the orange juice. When combined with citrus, the body can absorb 5-10 times more antioxidants. When consumed through food sources, antioxidants support the body’s immune system and support the body’s inflammatory response.

Essential fatty acids, which are found in cod liver oil, also support the body’s inflammatory response. Essential fatty acids also support hormonal balance, line the gut, and support briain health. Nordic Naturals is a great, clean source of cod liver oil (CLO), and it comes in many flavors, which can mask CLO’s fishy taste. Our family prefer the orange flavor, calling it our “orange medicine.”

Stinging nettle contains a ton of antioxidants as well. When suffering from seasonal allergies several years ago, a practitioner told me about stinging nettle’s ability to support seasonal allergies. There is conflicting evidence on this, and it’s important to be careful with stinging nettle tinctures and pills due to the antioxidant content. In concentrated form, antioxidant can be harmful, especially in individuals who take medications. Stinging nettle has been used to treat seasonal allergies, but its benefits are not well documented. Nevertheless, I do use stinging nettle when the pollen count is high.

Use it when you see fit, and consult your child’s doctor often.


Immune Tonic for Kids

4-8 ounces orange juice

1 t Nordic Naturals Orange Flavored Cod Liver Oil

1 T to 4 oz stinging nettle tea

1 T to 4 oz decaffeinated green tea


Whipped cream or non-dairy whipped cream

Tart cherry juice

Maraschino cherry