Recipes: Avocado Ice Cream Smoothie

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If you have tummy issues, or you’re getting over Norovirus 2023, this smoothie is truly a treat. It’s super easy to make, easy to digest, and has a great nutrient profile that stabilizes energy levels.

In the past ten months, I’ve been sick seven times, so I’ve developed a Zen-like patience with my body’s immune system. There are many ways to nourish your body while it gets back on track.

One of the things I usually go to is a homemade electrolyte drink. Water is the most important nutrient, and no matter what ailment you have, replenishing fluids is the first step.

Next, wait it out, and try to keep your calories up with whatever whole foods you can stomach. For each illness I’ve had, it’s been different. Sometimes it’s toast, sometimes its broth, sometimes it’s chai, sometimes it’s stew. Right now it’s avocado smoothies.

My avocado smoothie is packed with some great ingredients that will keep you healthy and replenished once you feel like eating food again. This smoothie also boasts some superstar healthy fats. Healthy fats line the gut, aid digestion and promote beneficial bacteria.

Freeze the bananas and avocados for an ice creamy texture!

Great nutrient profile

With this smoothie, you can be sure you’re getting a great profile of nutrients:

Avocados – the great equalizer amongst foodies. Paleo people, keto people, vegans and vegetarians all support this loveable fruit. Avocadoes contain healthy monosaturated fat, fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin K, folate, potassium, magnesium, and carotenoids.

Bananas – great source of potassium, which will further support hydration after a virus.

High quality nut/seed butter –nut or seed butter is a great source of healthy fat. I like peanut butter in my smoothie, but almond butter or sunflower seed butter works just as well! Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, and the sunflower seeds are a great source of healthy fatty acids.

Flax seeds – A great plant based source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Mini chocolate chips – you can also use pumpkin seeds, but I like putting these on top to add sweetness, texture, and to promote chewing to optimize digestion.

Non-dairy milk – I like to use full fat oat milk, but conventional or homemade almond milk will work just as well.

Spinach – an optional ingredient, but adds some extra fiber, and vitamin A to this scrumptious treat.


Avocado Ice Cream Smoothie

1 C Non-dairy milk, like full fat oatmilk

1 C ice

½ frozen banana

½ frozen avocado

1 c spinach

1 t flax seeds

¼ c high quality nut/seed butter

2 T mini chocolate chips or pumpkin seeds

Combine ingredients in a high speed blender. Blend on highest speed for one minute, or until you reach desired ice cream texture. Add hot water if ingredients are too icy and refuse to mix. Pour into 16 oz glass. Top with mini chocolate chips or pumpkin seeds. Enjoy!