Glowbelly Life: Nutrition Counseling for Women and Families

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Meet Anne, NTP!

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I advocate a balanced approach to wellness. While I appreciate a solid research approach to nutrition, I am also open to new health trends. One size certainly does not fit all. I help my clients uncover what’s real, what works, and what’s right for them.

What we put into our body has a direct impact on the energy we feel and bring to those around us. As women, it’s especially important that we feel seen and heard in our health journey. I empower my clients to eat in a way that works for their lifestyle - including eating more calories in order to be adequately fueled! I also enjoy open, candid conversations with my clients, allowing them to talk about their health concerns freely and without judgment.

Ready to feel more confident + comfortable with your nutrition? Yes!


“You really can have it all when you work with Anne. I have more energy and I feel great. As a firefighter who does shiftwork, it is a huge support to have the RIGHT health and wellness advice that fits MY lifestyle. I also feel like I can eat what I want without counting macros, fats, proteins, etc. Anne is a great listener with a caring demeanor, and truly believes in what she does. Since working with Anne, my cholesterol numbers have gone down and I’m eating better than ever. I can’t recommend her enough and will continue with her services.”

Michael Dillon headshot— Michael Dillon

“I highly recommend Anne to help naturally balance your body. Anne worked with me at my own pace, with no judgment about where I was on my journey. One of our first goals was hydrating correctly. Sometimes great change is about simple, consistent actions, and meeting this goal was highly impactful for me. Anne acted as my teammate as much as my coach. Her understanding and gentle nature helped me reflect honestly about my lifelong resistance to changing habits, which in turn helped me make healthier choices in my daily life. If you are looking for someone who will spend the time to get to know you, your body, and your specific health and nutrition needs, I can’t recommend Anne enough!”

— Aimee D Williams

“I was progressively feeling more and more run down and started to investigate ways to improve my mood and energy level. Using a whole body approach, Anne’s guidance was vital in helping me understand the connection between my gut and mind. Happy gut=happy mind. Anne provided me with a plan to tweak my diet as well as the supplements I was taking in addition to incorporating meditation into my daily routine. These adjustments have helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful.”

lauren leonard headshot— Lauren Welle Leonard

“As a parent I was very concerned with my son’s growth, eating habits and overall mental health. Due to severe food allergies, my son has been epi-penned twice. Eating has become a daily struggle. Eating something new was totally out of the question. Gaining weight and providing a healthy diet for him was top on my list of priorities. Anne listened attentively to my concerns. She suggested more nutritious food and specific vitamins that I hadn’t previously thought to include in his diet. My son has already shown a positive attitude towards eating and has become more engaged in what he puts into his body. What she has accomplished in 2 sessions far outweighs 6 months with his previous nutritional therapist!”

— Thanh