Glowbelly Life: Nutrition Counseling for Women

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Meet Anne, NTP!

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I advocate a balanced approach to wellness. While I appreciate a solid research approach to nutrition, I am also open to new health trends. One size certainly does not fit all. I help my clients uncover what’s real, what works, and what’s right for them.

What we put into our body has a direct impact on the energy we feel and bring to those around us. As women, it’s especially important that we feel seen and heard in our health journey. I empower my clients to eat in a way that works for their lifestyle - including eating more calories in order to be adequately fueled! I also enjoy open, candid conversations with my clients, allowing them to talk about their health concerns freely and without judgment.

Ready to feel more confident + comfortable with your nutrition? Yes!